If only I had words enough

If only I had words enough,
I’d explain you my feelings, my pain, and my smile feigned.
I’d explain you the hatred, the ire, the fire and my perpetual desire.
I’d tell you about the gloom, the platitudinous bloom, the melancholy and my belief in thy holy
I’d give you the reason for my grief and my childlike belief.
I’d tell you my situation, my distress and my hopeless-mess
I’d explain you my labyrinthine thoughts which my inner demons fought
I’d reveal my teary-eyed reveries, my unfathomable memories
I’d describe my depressed state which is tough
If only I had words enough.



She Is “Just” A Woman?

To all those people who ask me why am I a feminist. THIS is the answer.



She is a woman,

How can she have opinions,

Why does she need education,

Why should she demand respect,

How dare she challenge their hypocrisy,

How naive is she to dream,

Why should she retort,

Why should she live?


No, She is wrong

She is to blame,

For his infidelity,

For his impotency,

For their poverty,

For everything that went wrong.

It is obviously her doing,

Because he could only bring good luck,

He is a man

And he is God’s greatest creation.


Here, “Culprit” and “Victim”,

Are synonymous,

Her mother had taught her that.

The word “Why” was erased

From her dictionary,

Come on, She is a woman,

She had no business using it.


She is just a commodity

To be used and abused

She is just a sex toy

Whose emotions don’t matter

She is just a glorified servant

Who happens to be the mother of his children



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He dreams of being a billionaire.
She dreams of before on the AIR.
They dream of good fortune and fame
And you too dream the same.
But I do not follow the masses
’cause when the ‘M’ is silent, it sounds ASSES.
My dreams are entirely different
And I’ll ensure their fulfilment.
All I dream is happiness .
No showbiz, no glory, just illuminated brightness.
Illumination not by lights, but by beautiful smiles.
Smiles that are inexplicable & happiness that is communicable.
I dream of tears overflowing from my mom’s eyes.
Joy, tears of pride, which will make my hard work suffice.


Femi- nist, nism, nazi?

Feminist? Feminism? Aware? O_o
Well, most of us are familiar with the above mentioned terms. For the rest who are unfamiliar, let me put it very precisely. Feminism is an ideology that shares a common goal, that is, gender equality and utter equality of both the sexes. And feminist is a person who advocates or supports the ideology of feminism.

Quite boring. Right? These remarks are platitudinous. So, what’s interesting? FEMINAZI. Yes, the not so redundant yet powerful word.
Recently, I came across this word ‘Feminazi’. Perhaps, another term coined by misogynistic people in this patriarchal society. Femi-nazi. It probably means feminiss performing nazi-like activities. Do we put men in concentration camps and torture them? Or do we perform brutal lynching of men?
Do we?

For me, this word is quite lame as it portrays nothing but the inevitable insecurity of misogynists. And nothing else. But still, I would like to ask,”Do we?”