She Is “Just” A Woman?

To all those people who ask me why am I a feminist. THIS is the answer.



She is a woman,

How can she have opinions,

Why does she need education,

Why should she demand respect,

How dare she challenge their hypocrisy,

How naive is she to dream,

Why should she retort,

Why should she live?


No, She is wrong

She is to blame,

For his infidelity,

For his impotency,

For their poverty,

For everything that went wrong.

It is obviously her doing,

Because he could only bring good luck,

He is a man

And he is God’s greatest creation.


Here, “Culprit” and “Victim”,

Are synonymous,

Her mother had taught her that.

The word “Why” was erased

From her dictionary,

Come on, She is a woman,

She had no business using it.


She is just a commodity

To be used and abused

She is just a sex toy

Whose emotions don’t matter

She is just a glorified servant

Who happens to be the mother of his children



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