Unveiling the veil!


It has always been so confusing when I’ve been asked to write about myself. If someday someone asks me for how long have I known myself, I wonder what my answer would be? Maybe NEVER or maybe FOREVER! Well, you’ll get to know me through my pieces of writing on this blog but for the sake of social obligation, here’s a brief:

I am Bhavya Rastogi, 20. I am a simple girl leading a simple life away from parties, drugs, expensive belongings but near to books, movies, music, television, nature, and maths. Oh! Did I just mention MATH? Oh yes. Having pursued my graduation in B.Sc. (hons.) Mathematics, I am a Math- freak. I love algebra, trigonometry, geometry, arithmetic, calculus and what not. Strange combination -mathematics plus blogging- yeah.

Before I forget to mention, I am a feminist with a firm belief in gender equality. My feminism not only includes women but transgenders, LGBTs and ‘men’ who’ve fallen prey to the patriarchal society. I like to have discussions about gender equality, politics, religion, history, business, philosophies of life, humor, wordplay. My blog is a mixed bag of my emotions, political and economical issues and feminism.

To me writing comes as naturally as breathing. It is a rambling of my mind. As Hemmingway aptly puts it:

‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’

I started this blog to keep myself away from the stress and agony of life. It is a way for me to pen down my emotions and opinions and share it with people around the globe. So, I hope to have an enriching experience while learning here.

Thankyou for stopping by and reading. Stay happy.

– Bhavya


19 thoughts on “Unveiling the veil!

  1. Math!! OMG! I have always been amazed at those who are math lovers. There MUST be a gene or a brain function that is very different from mine that math lovers have! I thought in college they (the instructors) would have surly found an understandable way to teach algebra. Not so. I guess I lack that gene or needed brain function as an “A” student, algebra demolished my GPA!!
    I enjoyed your post. You will be happy to know that after 23 years my partner will be my wife in October.
    Oh and could you explain the name of your blog…why hippocriticali? Love it!!! Thanks, Anita

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    • Hey Anita!
      I am glad that you stopped by to read my post. I am so happy to hear from you.
      Talking about the name, ‘hippocriticali’ – it’s just a frame of my mind. Derived from the word hypocritical , it’s an apt word to describe the world we’re living in. That’s it.
      And talking about Mathematics, haha! There’s no such gene, though. It’s just practice that makes you perfect. Some people are tech-freaks, some fashion-freaks and some insanes like me are math-freaks. Haha!

      And and and, Congratulations that you’re marrying the love of your life. I am really happy to know about this. Heartiest congratulations!

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  2. Glad to stumble upon this blog and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Hi5 for being the math lover, although probably not as much of a math freak as you are but it is on par with my interest in medical field. Keep up the good work.

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  3. So nice! Your personality really comes through and your blog is wonderfully cheery and exciting because of it. Keep up the good work! Happy blogging 😊

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  4. Hello.
    You sound fun, I suppose, except for the Math part. I have commerce, class 12 and math is the only subject I am struggling with, despite showing flair at it till around class 10.
    I like why you selected name ‘hippocritcali’; agreed, the world isn’t the way it should be. (The name sounds like a math term for some reason).
    I like your writing style, it’s smooth (I’m no expert). Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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