Cruelty and Love.


People often ask me that why am I apprehensive about love and commitment and stuff. Those who don’t know me think that a bad or a hurtful past has made me so callous about love. Those who know me think I’m weird. But whatever it may be.

In bloody 20 years of my life, why haven’t I been committed to anyone? Why haven’t I felt the pangs of love? Why hasn’t Cupid struck me? And why hasn’t Aphrodite bestowed her blessings upon me yet? WHY?

I too have been pondering on these questions since a long time. And after a few moments of introspection, I have an answer. A perfect one, a real one. Basically, my answer is priorities.

My priorities are different from those of others. To me, love is a pious thing ( ‘thing’ ? Nah, an emotion). If someone loves me with all their heart and I am unable to love them back with an equal intensity and fervour, then it will be cruel on my part. Yes. Taking all the love from someone and denying them their part of love is, in fact, the most terrible form of cruelty.

And I can’t be cruel to anyone. I can’t make anyone suffer because of my ‘different priorities’. Hence, I’m rocking the solo life, happily!



10 thoughts on “Cruelty and Love.

  1. To refer yourself as a love atheist is same as person calling himself atheist because he doesn’t visit temples or church!
    Love doesn’t exists just between boyfriend and girlfriend.
    You love your parents, you love your life, you love your words and the list extends beyond the sight!!
    So, you’re not a love atheist. You have your own way of loving which goes beyond normal conventions and that emotion possessed by you is sacred!! 🙂 #StraightFromHeart

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  2. There are so many forms of love in the world and so many different commitments. And twenty years ONLY is far to few to have answers or a clarity of future. It is something that can only grow with time. Besides, the first person we need to commit to and believe in is, of course, ourselves! You are on your own path; ignore one that others would map out for you! 🙂 x

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