Cruelty and Love.


People often ask me that why am I apprehensive about love and commitment and stuff. Those who don’t know me think that a bad or a hurtful past has made me so callous about love. Those who know me think I’m weird. But whatever it may be.

In bloody 20 years of my life, why haven’t I been committed to anyone? Why haven’t I felt the pangs of love? Why hasn’t Cupid struck me? And why hasn’t Aphrodite bestowed her blessings upon me yet? WHY?

I too have been pondering on these questions since a long time. And after a few moments of introspection, I have an answer. A perfect one, a real one. Basically, my answer is priorities.

My priorities are different from those of others. To me, love is a pious thing ( ‘thing’ ? Nah, an emotion). If someone loves me with all their heart and I am unable to love them back with an equal intensity and fervour, then it will be cruel on my part. Yes. Taking all the love from someone and denying them their part of love is, in fact, the most terrible form of cruelty.

And I can’t be cruel to anyone. I can’t make anyone suffer because of my ‘different priorities’. Hence, I’m rocking the solo life, happily!



Unveiling the veil!


It has always been so confusing when I’ve been asked to write about myself. If someday someone asks me for how long have I known myself, I wonder what my answer would be? Maybe NEVER or maybe FOREVER! Well, you’ll get to know me through my pieces of writing on this blog but for the sake of social obligation, here’s a brief:

I am Bhavya Rastogi, 20. I am a simple girl leading a simple life away from parties, drugs, expensive belongings but near to books, movies, music, television, nature, and maths. Oh! Did I just mention MATH? Oh yes. Having pursued my graduation in B.Sc. (hons.) Mathematics, I am a Math- freak. I love algebra, trigonometry, geometry, arithmetic, calculus and what not. Strange combination -mathematics plus blogging- yeah.

Before I forget to mention, I am a feminist with a firm belief in gender equality. My feminism not only includes women but transgenders, LGBTs and ‘men’ who’ve fallen prey to the patriarchal society. I like to have discussions about gender equality, politics, religion, history, business, philosophies of life, humor, wordplay. My blog is a mixed bag of my emotions, political and economical issues and feminism.

To me writing comes as naturally as breathing. It is a rambling of my mind. As Hemmingway aptly puts it:

‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’

I started this blog to keep myself away from the stress and agony of life. It is a way for me to pen down my emotions and opinions and share it with people around the globe. So, I hope to have an enriching experience while learning here.

Thankyou for stopping by and reading. Stay happy.

– Bhavya