Cruelty and Love.


People often ask me that why am I apprehensive about love and commitment and stuff. Those who don’t know me think that a bad or a hurtful past has made me so callous about love. Those who know me think I’m weird. But whatever it may be.

In bloody 20 years of my life, why haven’t I been committed to anyone? Why haven’t I felt the pangs of love? Why hasn’t Cupid struck me? And why hasn’t Aphrodite bestowed her blessings upon me yet? WHY?

I too have been pondering on these questions since a long time. And after a few moments of introspection, I have an answer. A perfect one, a real one. Basically, my answer is priorities.

My priorities are different from those of others. To me, love is a pious thing ( ‘thing’ ? Nah, an emotion). If someone loves me with all their heart and I am unable to love them back with an equal intensity and fervour, then it will be cruel on my part. Yes. Taking all the love from someone and denying them their part of love is, in fact, the most terrible form of cruelty.

And I can’t be cruel to anyone. I can’t make anyone suffer because of my ‘different priorities’. Hence, I’m rocking the solo life, happily!



I wrote this for YOU.

IMG_20150705_182513 (2)

I want you to know that I’ve written this for you. Only for you. So that you can read it. Everyone else who reads it doesn’t get it. They may think they get it, but they don’t. These words are meant for you. Truly, only for you. For you are special. You are beautiful. 

I want you to know that there will be no fears or tears after you read this. That you will emerge as a stronger person. That you will gain mental strength from these words. That these words will become meaningful only after you read them.

I want you to realize that there are happy memories as well as unhappy ones. That you need to forget the unhappy memories. That it is not easy but you can try. That you need to remember only the happy moments of your life. That reminiscing them will bring a smile on your face. That your smile is the most beautiful thing.

I want you to believe that the bad days will end soon. That the gloominess of your life will be over one day. That the darkness will fade away. That after darkness will appear a ray of light. That that light reflects hope and happiness. That that light is within you.

I want you to realize that people come and people go. But some people stand by your side, no matter what. That they are there for you even in the darkest phase of your life. That they are the ones who truly care for you. That you need to realize their worth. That you need to stop chasing wrong people. That nobody stays with us forever. Because nobody is immortal. But the only immortal thing in this world is YOU. Your Soul. That your soul is pure and beautiful. That it reflects the obscure –‘you’.

I want you to know that life is not easy. That it has innumerable obstacles and hurdles. That you need to go on despite all the barriers. That you can’t give up. That you have to fight for yourself. That you are strong enough to do that. That with your perseverance and confidence, you will win it one day. Trust me.

I want you to believe that everything around you is beautiful. That beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That the sun sets each day. That that sunset is beautiful. That the sun will rise the next day. That that sunrise is beautiful. That rains are beautiful. The rivers are beautiful.

And so are you. Keep smiling always!

– Bhavya