ESOTERIC KISSGoosebumps and butterflies.
In my stomach at his sight.
When he came closer, my heart sank.
My pulse dropped, to be frank.

The adrenaline rush engulfed me.
While his lips touched mine.
It was so surreal that I skipped a beat
But that moment was divine.

The taste of his lips was intoxicating.
And the caress of his fingers stimulating.
His breath touched the pores of my skin
While I could taste him within.

Our bodies enveloped perfectly
Leaving no blank spaces.
I could feel him. He could feel me.
Dearest Cupid was leaving traces.

Was it love? Was it lust?
I ask myself often.
I don’t know whatever it was.
This esoteric kiss will be veiled in my coffin.



He dreams of being a billionaire.
She dreams of before on the AIR.
They dream of good fortune and fame
And you too dream the same.
But I do not follow the masses
’cause when the ‘M’ is silent, it sounds ASSES.
My dreams are entirely different
And I’ll ensure their fulfilment.
All I dream is happiness .
No showbiz, no glory, just illuminated brightness.
Illumination not by lights, but by beautiful smiles.
Smiles that are inexplicable & happiness that is communicable.
I dream of tears overflowing from my mom’s eyes.
Joy, tears of pride, which will make my hard work suffice.