Why do “balls” equate to toughness and “pussy” equates to weakness when even the slightest flick to the nards sends a guy to his knees and contrarily, vaginas can push out an entire human being?
IRONICAL. Yes, it is.


Femi- nist, nism, nazi?

Feminist? Feminism? Aware? O_o
Well, most of us are familiar with the above mentioned terms. For the rest who are unfamiliar, let me put it very precisely. Feminism is an ideology that shares a common goal, that is, gender equality and utter equality of both the sexes. And feminist is a person who advocates or supports the ideology of feminism.

Quite boring. Right? These remarks are platitudinous. So, what’s interesting? FEMINAZI. Yes, the not so redundant yet powerful word.
Recently, I came across this word ‘Feminazi’. Perhaps, another term coined by misogynistic people in this patriarchal society. Femi-nazi. It probably means feminiss performing nazi-like activities. Do we put men in concentration camps and torture them? Or do we perform brutal lynching of men?
Do we?

For me, this word is quite lame as it portrays nothing but the inevitable insecurity of misogynists. And nothing else. But still, I would like to ask,”Do we?”