The Death


Days, weeks and months passed by.

Their endless conversations came to a standby.

Those days of drowning into each others eyes,

Turned into stalking each other on social media, like spies.

Those goosebumps and butterflies, perhaps had died.

  • Bhavya Rastogi


ESOTERIC KISSGoosebumps and butterflies.
In my stomach at his sight.
When he came closer, my heart sank.
My pulse dropped, to be frank.

The adrenaline rush engulfed me.
While his lips touched mine.
It was so surreal that I skipped a beat
But that moment was divine.

The taste of his lips was intoxicating.
And the caress of his fingers stimulating.
His breath touched the pores of my skin
While I could taste him within.

Our bodies enveloped perfectly
Leaving no blank spaces.
I could feel him. He could feel me.
Dearest Cupid was leaving traces.

Was it love? Was it lust?
I ask myself often.
I don’t know whatever it was.
This esoteric kiss will be veiled in my coffin.


The Semi-colon effect

Choose to be a warr;or

Choose to be a warr;or

Choose to keep going, with your heavy heart over-flowing

Choose to never stop till your last tear-drops

Choose to be perseverant while life is being reminiscent

Choose to be a WARR;OR for the labyrinthine path has innumerable barriers

Choose to love endlessly because souls around us are in melancholy.

– Bhavya

Never choose to end the sentence; because you are the author and the sentence is your life.

If only I had words enough

If only I had words enough,
I’d explain you my feelings, my pain, and my smile feigned.
I’d explain you the hatred, the ire, the fire and my perpetual desire.
I’d tell you about the gloom, the platitudinous bloom, the melancholy and my belief in thy holy
I’d give you the reason for my grief and my childlike belief.
I’d tell you my situation, my distress and my hopeless-mess
I’d explain you my labyrinthine thoughts which my inner demons fought
I’d reveal my teary-eyed reveries, my unfathomable memories
I’d describe my depressed state which is tough
If only I had words enough.